64 Butterfly Angel Quotes (the best butterfly heaven quotes!)

I’ve put together for you some butterfly quotes specifically about angels.

And about heaven, too.

If that’s what you’re looking for, simply start scrolling to read all of the butterfly angel quotes!

The Best Butterfly Angels Quotes

Let’s start off strong with our first section.

All of these butterfly quotes blend the ephemeral beauty of butterflies together with the mystical grace of angels.

The result? A unique perspective on nature and spirituality.


angel with butterflies wings the best butterfly angel quotes


Here are the best butterfly angels quotes:

  1. “Angels flutter in gardens, their wings disguised as butterflies.”
  2. “Where butterflies dance, angels tread lightly.”
  3. “Butterflies hover and feathers appear whenever lost loved ones and angels are near.”
  4. quotation mark icon

    Butterflies are the heaven sent kisses of an angel.

  5. “A feather, a robin, a butterfly too, are all signs your angels are standing with you.”
  6. “Sometimes we are lucky enough to have guardian angels disguised as butterflies.”
  7. “In the flutter of a butterfly, feel the touch of an angel’s wing.”
  8. “Butterflies are the whispers of angels, speaking to us in nature’s language.”
  9. “Heaven’s gardens must be full of butterflies, the artwork of angels.”
  10. “Angels visit our world in the form of butterflies, each one a message of love.”
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    When a butterfly crosses your path, an angel is near, reminding you of the beauty in simplicity.

  12. “In every gentle touch of a butterfly, sense the soft embrace of an angel.”
  13. “Butterflies, with their transformative journey, are the angels of the natural world.”
  14. “Like angels, butterflies show us the beauty of a fleeting moment, reminding us to cherish each second.”


golden butterfly at dawn


I love that these quotes capture the ethereal essence of butterflies and angels.

They act as a good reminder of the unseen beauty in our world.

And if you want to know more about the connection between angels and butterflies, check out the video below:


Short Angel Butterfly Quotes

The quotes in our second category are all short & to the point.

These short quotes beautifully encapsulate the magic of butterflies and their angelic associations.

And they do so without the need for long winded sentences!


kid angel butterfly quotes


Find below some short angel butterfly quotes:

  1. “Butterflies are angels in disguise.”
  2. “Angel wings flutter in every butterfly.”
  3. “Heaven whispers in butterfly flights.”
  4. quotation mark icon

    Butterflies: Earth’s angels.

  5. “Angelic wings, butterfly dreams.”
  6. “In butterfly twirls, angel whispers.”
  7. “Every butterfly, a tiny angel.”
  8. “Angels dance as butterflies.”
  9. “Butterfly kisses, angelic wishes.”
  10. “Angels’ laughter in butterfly wings.”


black butterfly in rose flowers field


Trust me, any of these will make for a great caption with your butterfly picture.

Pepper in a few emojis and you’re set! 🦋👼


Butterfly Heaven Quotes

All of the previous quotes above were specifically about angels and butterflies.

And while they might mention heaven, the initial focus was on angels. This section, however, puts the highlight on Heaven.

Beautiful quotes to remind us of the serene and spiritual connection these creatures share with the heavens.


minimalist angel with butterfly wings in heaven butterfly heaven quotes


Introducing the butterfly heaven quotes:

  1. “Butterflies in flight, heaven’s delight.”
  2. “Heaven’s gardens bloom with butterflies.”
  3. “In the flutter of a butterfly, hear the echo of heaven.”
  4. “Butterflies: Heaven’s messengers on delicate wings.”
  5. quotation mark icon

    Where butterflies roam, heaven is close.

  6. “Heaven’s colors dance on butterfly wings.”
  7. “Butterflies, the whispers of heaven’s gardens.”
  8. “In each butterfly, a piece of heaven flutters.”
  9. “Butterflies are the petals of heaven’s flowers in flight.”
  10. “Each butterfly wing beats a rhythm of heavenly serenity.”


little girl with butterfly wings


Every time I read these quotes again, it never fails to bring up images of butterflies as heavenly beings.

Or simply as messengers, bringing us messages from heaven.

Anyways, these quotes inspire a sense of peace and spiritual connection, and I love them for that.


Spiritual Butterfly Quotes

With all of these quotes about angels and heaven, the spiritual theme is pretty strong.

Let’s make it even stronger by looking directly at some butterfly spiritual quotes.

They focus on the deeper meaning behind the butterfly’s journey, symbolizing transformation and spiritual evolution.


butterfly spirit in heaven spiritual butterfly quotes


Read all the spiritual butterfly quotes:

  1. “The butterfly is a symbol of the soul’s journey towards spiritual enlightenment.”
  2. “In the life cycle of the butterfly, we see the spiritual path of transformation.”
  3. “Butterflies remind us that even after the darkest of times, beautiful transformation is possible.”
  4. “Like the butterfly, our spirits undergo metamorphosis, emerging stronger and more beautiful.”
  5. quotation mark icon

    The delicate butterfly teaches us the spiritual lesson of resilience and renewal.

  6. “In each butterfly’s flight, witness the dance of the spirit, embracing change with grace.”
  7. “Butterflies symbolize the spiritual rebirth, the soul’s awakening to its true potential.”
  8. “The journey of the butterfly mirrors our spiritual quests, ever evolving and reaching for the light.”
  9. “Spiritual growth is like the butterfly’s transformation: gradual, beautiful, and astonishing.”
  10. “Let the butterfly be your spiritual guide, leading you through change with courage and hope.”


dreamy butterfly angel with flowers


By using these quotes, you continue a thousand-years old habit of associating butterflies with spiritual meaning.

Even the Aztecs believed in the association between spirits and butterflies.


Even More Butterfly Angels Quotes

And finally, our last section.

We’ll dive deeper into the enchanting world of butterflies and angels, for your greatest pleasure.

These 20 additional quotes explore the symbolic significance and ethereal beauty of the butterflies, and I’m sure you’ll love them!


golden butterfly on golden flowers


Get the final list of quotes about butterflies and angels:

  1. “Butterfly wings carry the songs of angels, serene and full of grace.”
  2. “Angels manifest in our gardens as butterflies, a reminder of the divine in our midst.”
  3. “Each butterfly is a note in the symphony of angelic harmony, played out in nature.”
  4. quotation mark icon

    Angels and butterflies, both agents of change, guide us through life’s transformations.

  5. “When a butterfly flutters by, it’s an angel telling you to follow your dreams.”
  6. “The gentle flutter of a butterfly is the angelic reminder to appreciate life’s small wonders.”
  7. “Butterflies are the angels of the earth, spreading beauty and joy wherever they go.”
  8. “In the delicate beauty of the butterfly, see the handiwork of angelic artists.”
  9. “Angels send butterflies to remind us of the fleeting nature of earthly beauty.”
  10. “A garden full of butterflies is a glimpse into the realm of angels, serene and blissful.”


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  1. “With every butterfly that crosses our path, an angel has graced us with its presence.”
  2. “Butterflies, in their majestic flight, carry the messages of angels to our world.”
  3. quotation mark icon

    Angels disguise themselves as butterflies to show us the lighter side of life.

  4. “In the dance of the butterfly, there is a lesson from the angels on living freely.”
  5. “Butterflies are tiny angels, blessing our days with beauty and serenity.”
  6. “Each time a butterfly lands gently, an angel has orchestrated its delicate landing.”
  7. “Butterflies are the visual echoes of angels, vibrant and whispering secrets of the divine.”
  8. “Angels communicate their love through the beauty and grace of butterflies.”
  9. “The journey of a butterfly is a testament to the angelic process of transformation and rebirth.”
  10. “In the world of butterflies, we find the serenity and wisdom of angels, guiding us subtly.”


angel with butterfly wings butterfly angels quotes


So there you have them all, 64 butterfly angel quotes!

I hope you found inspiration in these quotes, and that you enjoyed reading them all.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

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