31 Most Famous Quotes About the Beach

Looking specifically for famous quotes about the beach?

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The first part is dedicated to the most famous one, and the second part to beach quotes from famous people.

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The Best Famous Beach Quotes

Curious what are the most famous beach quotes?

I’ve put together for you the top 10 list of the most famous ones. These are the most used beach quotes online, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you already knew a few of them.

In any case, you can’t go wrong with any of them!


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Here are the most famous beach quotes:

  1. “I’ve got 99 problems, but a beach ain’t one.” Jay-Z
  2. “The ocean makes me feel really small and it makes me put my whole life into perspective.” Beyoncé
  3. “Even castles made from sand fall to the ocean.” Jimi Hendrix


Even castles made from sand fall to the ocean


  1. quotation mark icon

    My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as near to the ocean’s edge as I can go.

    — Henry David Thoreau
  2. “The beach is not a place to work; to read, write or to think.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh
  3. “I can see us holding hands, walking on the beach, our toes in the sand. I can see us on the countryside, sittin’ on the grass laying side by side.” Justin Timberlake in My Love
  4. “Life is a beach, I’m just playing in the sand.” Lil Wayne


Life is a beach, I’m just playing in the sand


  1. “I am not like a pebble on the beach a grain of sand on the seashore or just one of millions of human beings past, present and future. No, I am a unique human being loved by God as if I were an only child the only fruit of his creative powers.” Mother Angelica
  2. “To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.” Isaac Newton
  3. “If we were motivated by money, we would have sold the company a long time ago and ended up on a beach.” Larry Page


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So there you have them, the 10 most famous beach quotes!

Did you already know any of them? I knew at least 2 from songs, and I had already seen several other, often mentioned or used on social media.

Still want more? Keep scrolling 👇


Beach Quotes From Famous People

In the first part above, you found the most famous beach quotes. They were not necessarily quotes from famous people, but rather the most used and the most known beach quotes.

However in this second part, you’ll find exclusively beach quotes from famous people.

These quotes are from football players, singers, actors, writers, ... You most likely know them!


benagil cave beach portugal great famous beach quotes


Find below some great beach quotes from famous people:

  1. “The thing is with hip-hop, it has its waves and the waves crash against the beach and the new waves come in. So to stay relevant you have to roll with that.” Ice Cube
  2. quotation mark icon

    My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.

    — Christina Applegate
  3. “You must respect people and work hard to be in shape. And I used to train very hard. When the others players went to the beach after training, I was there kicking the ball.” Pele


You must respect people and work hard to be in shape


  1. “Where does a wise man kick a pebble? On the beach. Where does a wise man hide a leaf? In the forest.” G.K. Chesterton
  2. “I grew up on the beach, so I’m really comfortable in a bathing suit, playing volleyball, running around.” Gigi Hadid
  3. “I love the beach, and I love sunshine.” Megan Fox
  4. “What happens is that every August photographers camp out in Hyannis Port. So anytime I go down to the beach, or go to the pier or whatever, there’s no avoiding them.” John F. Kennedy Jr.
  5. “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” Jacques Yves Cousteau


The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever


  1. “I love the beach. I love the sea. All my life I live in front of the sea.” Rafael Nadal
  2. “I could never stay long enough on the shore; the tang of the untainted, fresh, and free sea air was like a cool, quieting thought.” Helen Keller
  3. “Colombia is not how people think it is. We used to eat fish every Sunday at the beach. In the town where I grew up, people did not tell lies.” Shakira
  4. “Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on the beach.”
  5. “Certainly, light fiction exists and encompasses mysteries or second-class romance novels, books that are read on the beach, whose only aim is to entertain. These books are not concerned with style or creativity instead they are successful because they are repetitive and follow a template that readers enjoy.” Umberto Eco
  6. “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air


  1. “We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea, whether it is to sail or to watch we are going back from whence we came...” John F. Kennedy
  2. “My idea of relaxation is not lying down by a beach. I have to move around, do stuff. Though I’m a massive quiz show person.” Daniel Radcliffe
  3. quotation mark icon

    I love the sea’s sounds and the way it reflects the sky. The colors that shimmer across its surface are unbelievable. This, combined with the color of the water over white sand, surprises me every time.

    — John Dyer
  4. “Etretat is becoming more and more amazing. Now is the real moment: the beach with all its fine boats; it is superb, and I am enraged not to be more skillful in rendering all this. I would need two hands and hundreds of canvases.” Claude Monet
  5. “I could take you for a walk on the beach and I could point out just about any creature and give you their Latin names.” Paul Walker


I could take you for a walk on the beach and I could point out just about any creature and give you their Latin names


  1. “Sometimes ideas are coming so fast that I have to stop doing one song to get another. But I don’t forget the first one. If it works, it will always be there. It’s like the truth: it will find you and lift you up. And if it ain’t right, it will dissolve like sand on the beach.” Prince
  2. “I’m a Cancer; I’m music-passionate. I like long walks on the beach.” Will Ferrell


bali beach famous beach quotes


And 31, that’s the end of our famous quotes about the beach!

I hope you found inspiration in these quotes, and that you enjoyed reading them all.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

My personal favorite is #9 “To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me.” by Isaac Newton – it’s inspiring to see that even someone as Isaac Newton viewed himself as still having a lot to learn. I often feel discouraged because I have so much to learn, but I guess it’s just inevitable.

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