27 Hilarious Hidan Quotes (from the Akatsuki immortal)

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The Best Hidan Quotes

Hidan is a ninja from Yugakure, who became a S-rank missing-nin when he deserted his village.

He joined the criminal organization Akatsuki, where he was partnered with Kakuzu.

Hidan was the perfect match for Kakuzu, who previously killed 4 of his partners. Why was he the perfect match? Well, that’s because he’s immortal, which means there’s no risk that Kakuzu could kill him!


the best hilarious hidan quotes from naruto


Here are the best Hidan quotes:

  1. “Now! Let’s savour the utmost of suffering together!” Hidan
  2. “I’ll never die... Even if you destroy my body, and I’m left with nothing but my head... I’ll escape somehow... and when I do, I’ll find you and bite your throat out!” Hidan to Shikamaru
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    You cut my goddamned head off! This’s like, hyper-mega-ultra pain!

    — Hidan to Asuma
  4. “Finally you’ll taste that pain... the pain that will kill you!” Hidan


hidan quotes 1


  1. “Yeah hurts good doesn’t it? Attacking the vitals is such a waste! This pain, this is the best! As the other dies, their agony radiates through my body! And living through it feels even better!” Hidan to Asuma
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    — Hidan
  3. “Everything is prepared! Get ready, this is gonna hurt!” Hidan
  4. “How do you feel, knowing that you are fighting an immortal guy?” Hidan
  5. “Kakuzu! What the fuck what that unlike my partner bullshit?!” Hidan
  6. “Au revoir, shitheads!” Hidan


hidan with his weapon


There you have them, the 10 best Hidan quotes!

For even more fun, click play on the video below to watch a compilation of funny moments between Kakuzu and Hidan:


More Great Quotes from Hidan

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of quotes from Hidan waiting for you in this article.

Hidan was a pretty funny character, and most of the comedy came from his duo, Kakuzu. The pair couldn’t stand each other, and they were constantly getting on each other nerves, resulting in some pretty hilarious quotes.

Let’s see the rest of them!


kakuzu and hidan


Find more quotes from Hidan:

  1. “Every damn time... That’s not something you say to me... If they can kill me, I couldn’t be happier. Although... I don’t think they can!” Hidan to Kakuzu when he told him to not die
  2. “Hell that hurts... You go and stab me all over... Damn both of you... Divine judgement awaits heathens ignorant to the pain of others.” Hidan to Konoha ninjas
  3. “Hidan: “Hey, look at that, it’s my headband! You went to the trouble of picking it up and keeping for me? I’m touched. You’re a pretty nice guy, Kakuzu, you know that?”
    Kakuzu: “Shut up. Let’s go.”
    Hidan: “Let me put it on at least! Okay, I’m coming. Admit it, you like me a little, doncha?”
    Kakuzu: “Either you shut up, or I’ll kill you.”
    Hidan: “Haha, you’re embarrassed! I understand.”
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    My attacks are the slowest in Akatsuki and the least skilled, so I just can’t hit anything, seriously.

    — Hidan
  5. “You now, this assignment we’ve been given really doesn’t mix well with my beliefs. Carnage is the key precept of the faith of Jashin... the dogma doesn’t let me leave someone half dead.” Hidan
  6. “I know it’s annoying, but it’s my religion!” Hidan


hidan in akatsuki costume


  1. “Jashin-sama, please watch over me, this time, I am really going to do it, I am going to tear their intestines out...” Hidan
  2. “You... you little shit, When I get out I am going to tear you to threads, and then burn you to ashes, and then grind you to dust!!” Hidan
  3. “Attacking the vitals is such a waste, this pain is what is best, where do you want it next? Or should I just end it now?” Hidan
  4. “Fuck you and your slow ass. You LET that happen...” Hidan


hidan quotes 2


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    You know what, Kakuzu? Eat a dick.

    — Hidan
  2. “Can’t you freakin’ wait a bit? It’s just getting to the good part... seriously!” Hidan to Pain
  3. “I should curse that leader next time!” Hidan
  4. “Dude, the smell! Stay in there for five minutes and the stink sinks into your clothes!” Hidan
  5. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” Hidan
  6. “Kakuzu-chan, pretty please? With sugar on top?” Hidan to Kakuzu
  7. “You can’t just go around getting killed outta nowhere. Man, you suck!” Hidan


hidan fighting kakuzu before akatsuki


And that’s the end of this compilation of Hidan quotes!

I hope you had a good laugh, and that you enjoyed reading them all!

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

If I had to choose one, I’d pick #3 “You cut my goddamned head off! This’s like, hyper-mega-ultra pain!” – it was such a hilarious scene in the anime, where Asuma cut off Hidan’s head, and we all thought it was over. But nope, and he hits us with this line. Peak comedy.

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