21 Wild Kiba Inuzuka Quotes from Naruto (and Akamaru, too!)

Ready to dive deep in Kiba Inuzuka quotes?

Oh and of course, let’s not forget about Akamaru!

Let’s see all the best quotes from the Konoha wolf!


The Best Kiba Quotes

Kiba Inuzuka is a ninja from Konoha, and one of the first characters we see in Naruto.

He’s a member of Team Kurenai (team 8), alongside Hinata Huyga and Shino Aburame.

Kiba is always with his dog, Akamaru, and they fight together; he can turn into Akamaru, and they can even transform in a two-headed wolf! (anyone said 3-headed??)


best kiba inuzuka quotes from naruto


Here are the best Kiba quotes:

  1. “A wall’s a wall and there’s no wall I can’t punch a hole through!” Kiba
  2. “Don’t think you can run away from my nose.” Kiba to Tobi
  3. “Have you given up your pride as a wolf?!” Kiba Inuzuka


kiba inuzuka quotes 1


  1. quotation mark icon

    I called you an idiot, idiot!

    — Kiba
  2. “You? Hokage? You can’t even beat me! No-one’s deluded enough to think that you have what it takes to become the next Hokage, not even you! Tell you what, though... I’ll become Hokage in your place!” Kiba to Naruto


kiba and akamaru fighting


  1. “Heh, I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m always up for getting wild.” Kiba to Shikamaru
  2. “If I kick enough asses I might even end up Hokage!” Kiba
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    Everyone’s gonna die, it’s a natural part of life. But if life has no purpose, then you are dead already...

    — Kiba Inuzuka
  4. “I must be a pretty pathetic owner for you to have bitten me, Akamaru...” Kiba
  5. “Yahoo! Akamaru, let’s do this!” Kiba


kiba adult from naruto shippuden


So there you go, the 10 very best quotes from Kiba!

Check out this amazing video below that shows Kiba’s evolution over the years in Naruto:


Oh and if you want even more quotes, just keep scrolling! 👇


More Great Quotes from Kiba Inuzuka

Most of the time, Kiba is the funny character in Naruto. Always acting silly, throwing jokes, and getting mad over the most stupid things.

But if you look past this side of him, you’ll find a loyal and brave ninja, that’s ready to do anything for his companions.

Let’s see both part of him in the quotes below.


kiba and akamaru


Find below more great quotes from Kiba Inuzuka:

  1. “Let’s die together.” Kiba
  2. “Damn you, Akamaru!” Kiba Inuzuka
  3. quotation mark icon

    What’s the point of living, if it means throwing away your pride?!

    — Kiba Inuzuka
  4. “Akamaru... you fought well. We were able to delay them for quite a while because of you. We even managed to wound them. It’s all-right now, I’ll protect you.” Kiba


full size kiba from naruto shippuden


  1. “Fine, then I’m a lion! Roar, roar!” Kiba Inuzuka
  2. “You bite me every damn chance you get!” Kiba Inuzuka
  3. “Hinata, untie the ropes before you faint.” Kiba
  4. quotation mark icon

    It’s not like I want to keep seeing your ugly mug either!

    — Kiba Inuzuka
  5. “Akamaru’s gonna fight too!” Kiba Inuzuka


kiba riding akamaru best kiba quotes


  1. “Akamaru, what’s wrong boy? Have you forgotten my scent? We’ve always been together haven’t we? We grew up together. Akamaru please, somewhere in there, there has to be a part of you that remembers. Show me that you remember. AKAMARU! Forgive me. Can you? I know that I’ve brought you nothing but pain and suffering. I broke my word. I swore I’d always protect you. Akamaru I’m sorry. Sorry I wasn’t a better master. I’m here. Here for you. Forever.” Kiba
  2. “It’s not bad enough they buried us alive in the oversized dung heap, but now they’re stealing our chakra. You gotta give these guys credit for thoroughness!” Kiba


kiba and akamaru transformed as two headed wolf


And there you have them all, the 21 wild quotes from Kiba & Akamaru!

I hope you found inspiration in these quotes, and that you enjoyed reading them all.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

My personal favorite is #7 “If I kick enough asses I might even end up Hokage!” – every time Kiba says he wants to be Hokage before Naruto, everyone laughs at him; but that doesn’t stop him from saying it over and over again!

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