25 Epic Kisame Hoshigaki Quotes from Naruto

Looking for some of the wisdom (and cruelty) shared by Kisame in Naruto?

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Let’s see some epic Kisame Hoshigaki quotes!


The Best Kisame Quotes

Kisame Hoshigaki, also known as the Monster of the Hidden Mist (Kirigakure no Kaijin), was a S-rank missing-nin from Kiri.

He was initially one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, but left and later joined Akatsuki.

In the organization, his partner was Itachi Uchiha, and many still believe they were the best duo of Akatsuki.


the best kisame hoshigaki quotes


Here are the best Kisame quotes:

  1. “I’ll enjoy shaving you to death.” Kisame Hoshigaki
  2. “Your memory’s as bad as your haircut.” Kisame Hoshigaki to Might Guy
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    Itachi, it’s just like you said. You don’t know what type of human you are until the very end.

    — Kisame Hoshigaki
  4. “My massive blade, Samehada, doesn’t slice... It shreds to ribbons!” Kisame Hoshigaki
  5. “This word really is full of lies.” Kisame Hoshigaki
  6. “I get stronger in direct proportion to how strong my opponent is. I do not tire, and cannot be defeated.” Kisame Hoshigaki


kisame in akatsuki robe


  1. “Itachi-san... It seems that in the end... I’m not so terrible after all.” Kisame Hoshigaki’s last words
  2. “I knew that from the first time I had to kill my comrades... Kill a Kiri ninja as a Kiri ninja. What does that make me? Am I a friend or foe? What is my purpose and my position? Where do I go? Where can I go? I’m well aware that my entire life has been a one giant lie.” Kisame Hoshigaki
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    Where am I trying to get? And where can I go in order to achieve peace?

    — Kisame Hoshigaki
  4. “Sharks start out as eggs, but incubate and hatch in the womb. Sometimes the number of pups is less than the number of eggs that were fertilized. Do you know why? Cannibalism. The pups start eating each other within the mother’s womb the moment they hatch. They start killing their siblings the moment they enter the world, viewing everything they see as nothing more than prey. As of today you and I are fellow members of Akatsuki. So be careful... of me.” Kisame Hoshigaki


kisame preparing to fight


There you have them, the 10 very best quotes from Kisame!

Nostalgic of Kisame? Press play on the video below to relive the first time he meets Itachi.


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More Great Quotes from Kisame Hoshigaki

Though acting as a villain in Naruto, Kisame was a very complex character.

He was fighting for the truth, and spent his life questioning his purpose.

Meeting Itachi has been truly beneficial to him, and he eventually found the answers he was looking for, giving his life for what he thought was right. This final act of loyalty greatly impressed Might Guy, who swore to always remember him.

Let’s see his character through some Kisame quote.


kisame quotes from the akatsuki shark


Find below more quotes from Hoshigaki Kisame:

  1. “Look, I’m not sure what you’re thinking, and given how ruthless you are, it’s strange to say this... But from here, it looks like you’re crying.” Kisame Hoshigaki to Itachi
  2. “As good as you are, even you can’t dodge all of these...” Kisame Hoshigaki
  3. “He may be big, but he’s not a bear worth shredding!” Kisame Hoshigaki to Killer Bee
  4. quotation mark icon

    *After learning Guy’s name* Yeah, mighty stupid looking guy!

    — Kisame Hoshigaki
  5. “You really have a talent of getting on people’s nerves. I suppose I’ll toy with you until you remember.” Kisame Hoshigaki


kisame hoshigaki quotes 1


  1. “With Itachi-san dead, I’ll just go and spread my wings a little.” Kisame Hoshigaki
  2. “It’s certainly a shame about your little brother. You’re now the sole member of the Uchiha clan.” Kisame Hoshigaki
  3. “Konoha’s Uchiha clan and the Mist’s Seven Shinobi-gatana seem petty before his name.” Kisame Hoshigaki
  4. “Sasuke, if you would please continue on by yourself... Itachi would prefer that the rest of us stay here.” Kisame Hoshigaki
  5. “The ability to turn a gloomy organization cheerful, Tobi was a skilled man at that.” Kisame Hoshigaki
  6. “A grim reaper’s chakra? Sounds like it’ll be worth shaving off.” Kisame Hoshigaki


kisame hoshigaki quotes 2


  1. quotation mark icon

    Hmm... Itachi... it would be annoying if he moved around a lot. Perhaps we should cut off a leg or two?

    — Kisame Hoshigaki
  2. “Unlike your brother, you’re quite cocky, aren’t you?” Kisame Hoshigaki to Suigetsu
  3. “I think I will play with you a bit before killing you!” Kisame Hoshigaki
  4. “I take back what I said. You have the brain of an insect, not a beast.” Kisame Hoshigaki


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And that’s the end of this post, with these 25 Kisame quotes.

I hope you found inspiration in these quotes, and that you enjoyed reading them all.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

My personal favorite is #14 “Yeah, mighty stupid looking guy!” – Kisame was so hilariously furious because Might Guy didn’t even remember him, I still laugh just thinking about that scene.

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