The BEST Monday Workout Quotes (start the week right!)

Ready to start this week the right way, with a fitness session?

Let me help you out.

You’ll find below no less than 40 amazing Monday workout quotes, to get that motivation you need!

The Best Monday Fitness Quotes

These motivational quotes are designed to kickstart your Monday workouts, with energy and determination.

That’s my little secret to start the week strong.

Go ahead, check them out, and go get it tiger!


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Here are the best Monday fitness quotes:

  1. “This is your Monday morning reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.”
  2. “Monday mornings are always the hardest. But you are stronger.”
  3. “Monday workout? A) yes, B) a, C) b”
  4. “New Monday, new week. Let nothing stop you from reaching your goals.”
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    Monday: 7 new days to make gains.

  6. “It’s Monday. Life is beautiful. I will let the past go and step off into the future. It’s time to crush my goal.”
  7. “Never miss a Monday. Finish what you started.”
  8. “Happy Monday! Monday is a perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes.”
  9. “Monday’s goal: Good better best.”
  10. “This week: No excuses. Train harder than last week.”
  11. “Monday. I have work to do.”
  12. “Make your Monday workout count and set the tone for the rest of the week.”
  13. “Start before you realize it’s Monday.”
  14. “It’s Monday. Life is good. Don’t look back. Eyes forward. It’s time to do the work.”
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    Rule #1 to workout. Never skip Monday!!!

  16. “OK Monday, let’s do this.”
  17. “The only bad Monday workout is the one you didn’t do.”
  18. “It doesn’t matter if I feel like working out. All that matters is I do it anyway. Never skip Monday.”
  19. “Happy Monday! It’s time to take over the world.”
  20. “Monday is the perfect day to recommit to your fitness goals.”


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There you have them, my favorite Monday fitness motivational quotes.

I hope they can be your guide & motivation for a powerful start to the week.

Monday is not just the start of the week; it’s the start of your journey towards achieving new heights in your fitness goals.


Even More Monday Motivation Fitness Quotes

Didn’t quite find the right quote yet?

Or maybe you need some more Monday morning workout quotes to read, to get ready for that session?

You’re in luck, because I have 20 more in store for you! Let’s embrace the start of the week with a mindset focused on fitness and well-being.


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Find below even more Monday motivation fitness quotes:

  1. “Conquer your Monday with the same energy you’d conquer your workouts.”
  2. “Let the gains begin: Monday’s not just another day, it’s a fresh start!”
  3. “Mondays are for fresh starts and new gains. Make it count.”
  4. “Transform your mindset this Monday. Every rep, every step, brings you closer to your goals.”
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    Don’t let the start of the week be slow. Make Monday the reason your week goes fast.

  6. “Monday’s workout mantra: push harder than last week for stronger tomorrows.”
  7. “Seize your Monday with strength and stamina. Let’s crush those workouts!”
  8. “Let Monday be the foundation of your fitness journey this week. Build it strong.”
  9. “Mondays are for movers and shakers. Start your week with a powerful workout.”
  10. “Kickstart your Monday, fuel your workout, chase your dreams.”


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  1. “Monday motivation: sweat today, smile tomorrow.”
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    Begin your week with momentum and never lose sight of your fitness goals.

  3. “Let this Monday be the start of a week filled with positive choices and challenges conquered.”
  4. “Embrace Monday with enthusiasm. Be stronger than your strongest excuse.”
  5. “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Make Monday count!”
  6. “Face this Monday with a positive attitude. Believe in the power of a good workout.”
  7. “Every Monday is a chance to start a new life, so use it.”
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    Start strong, end stronger. Let every Monday set the tone for your fitness journey.

  9. “On this Monday, remember that small progress is still progress. Keep moving!”
  10. “Monday is not just another day; it’s a new opportunity to reach our fitness goals.”


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And there you go, all of the 40 Monday motivational fitness quotes.

Let every Monday be a reflection of your strength and dedication as you continue to push towards your health and fitness goals, proving that every week is a new opportunity to excel.


I hope you found inspiration in these quotes, and that you enjoyed reading them all.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

My personal favorite is #15 “Rule #1 to workout. Never skip Monday!!!” – getting my Monday workout always get the ball going for me, and I’m on the roll for the full week from there.

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