24 Epic Sasori Quotes from Sasori of the Red Sand (Akatsuki member)

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The Best Sasori Quotes

Sasori, also known as Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand), is a ninja from Suna.

He became a S-rank missing-nin when he deserted his home village, Suna, to join Akatsuki.

He was initally partnered with Orochimaru, then with Deidara when Orochimaru left the organization.


sasori quotes from sasori of the red sand


Here are the best Sasori quotes:

  1. “I would describe myself as a human being who could become a complete puppet, I am a unfinished puppet, whose lifeless frame still contains a beating heart at it’s core. I am neither dead, nor am I alive.” Sasori to Sakura
  2. “For my name to be known all the way down to a kid like you... is an honour.” Sasori to Kankurō
  3. quotation mark icon

    True beauty lies in things that last forever, never rotting or fading.

    — Sasori


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  1. “What’s the point of something that disappears as soon as it’s born?” Sasori
  2. “I don’t like to wait and I don’t like to keep others waiting. So let me make this quick and sweet.” Sasori
  3. “The spider needs to be swifter than the fly.” Sasori
  4. “That is a considerable amount of puppets.” But... *Proceeds to summon one hundred puppets of his own* With this, I took down a whole nation!” Sasori to Chiyo
  5. quotation mark icon

    Art is something that lasts for all posterity. Art is eternal.

    — Sasori
  6. “Give it up... this body feels no pain. If all you do is hit me, your fist is all that will hurt.” Sasori to Sakura
  7. “The strength of a puppeteer is measured by the amount of puppets they use.” Sasori


sasori puppet version


That’s it, the 10 best Sasori quotes!

If you want more backstory about Sasori, check out this scene from the game:


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More Great Quotes from Sasori of the Red Sand

Even though Sasori appearance in Naruto is pretty short, he left us with a good number of epic quotes.

Most of them come from his fight against Kankurō, or his fight against Sakura and Chiyo.

Oh and of course, a few of them to his partner Deidara.


sasori akatsuki


Find below more great quotes from Sasori:

  1. “What? You call those explosions fine art? Fine art is something wonderful that’s left long into the future... eternal beauty.” Sasori to Deidara
  2. “Women like to do useless things, don’t they...” Sasori to Sakura
  3. “How’ll I explain this... How long it took me to take down a little girl and an old hag... That I even had to use my last trick...” Sasori
  4. quotation mark icon

    If you insist on defying me, you give me no choice... How about I add you and the little girl to my collection, grandmother!

    — Sasori
  5. “Great puppet masters think alike, I suppose.” Sasori


sasori quotes 2


  1. “My old puppet body... Suddenly it all seems so pointless. I now have the body I’ve always desired, one that will never rot or decay. I’ve truly become a puppet in every sense of the word.” Sasori to Kankurō
  2. “I am a puppet but... an incomplete puppet with the core of my real body... not human... not puppet...” Sasori
  3. “Traps are made so that people will fall into them.” Sasori


sasori quotes 3


  1. “First I’ll empty out everything about them from the bodies... Then I’ll treat it so that it doesn’t decay before stocking it up with the rest of my collection.” Sasori
  2. “You’re late! I told you I don’t like to wait!” Sasori
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    Kankurō... I want you to have my Mother and Father puppets as well... and when you die, pass them both on... to the next generation.

    — Sasori to Kankurō
  4. “Even connected by blood ties as we are, I won’t feel a thing if Grandma Chiyo here dies. My heart... is just like this body. Of all the hundreds and thousands I’ve killed so far, she’s just another one of them. It’s that simple.” Sasori
  5. “Want to try to become like this too? If you do then you’ll probably get what I’m saying. A body that does not decay... a puppet body can be rebuilt over and over... unfettered by a mortal lifespan.” Sasori to Sakura
  6. “Yes, it’s been a while... since I’ve used myself.” Sasori


sasori child with puppets of his parents


And there you have them all, 24 epic quotes from Sasori!

I hope you enjoyed reading all of them, and that you found a great one to use.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

My pick is #9 “Give it up... this body feels no pain. If all you do is hit me, your fist is all that will hurt.” – Sasori acting all confident, only to be absolutely destroyed by 1 punch from Sakura.

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