Thursday Workout Quotes (get that motivation!)

Struggling to find the motivation to workout on this Thursday?

You’re in the right place!

I’ve prepared for you a fine selection of Thursday workout quotes, that should get you that much-needed motivation.

The Best Thursday Fitness Quotes

As the week starts to wind down, your determination doesn’t have to.

Thursday is the perfect day to push your limits and prepare for the end-of-week triumph.

These Thursday fitness motivation quotes will inspire your Thursday workout session and help you maintain the momentum.


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Find below the best Thursday fitness quotes:

  1. “Thursday’s are for triumphs. Crush your workout and set the tone for the weekend.”
  2. “Don’t just count the days. Make the days count, especially Thursdays.”
  3. “Push through this Thursday like you push through every tough workout: with grit and determination.”
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    Thursday: the day to remember why you started and to know why you’ll continue.

  5. “On Thursday, we train as if we’ve never won, and perform as if we’ve never lost.”
  6. “Let the sweat of Thursday’s workout wash away the doubt, leaving only strength.”
  7. “Thursdays are for setting new personal records. Break them, then remake them.”
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    Keep the momentum going! Thursday workouts pave the way for a rewarding weekend.

  9. “Embrace the burn of Thursday’s workout; it’s the fire that shapes steel.”
  10. “Thursday’s gym session: a reminder that the week’s not over and neither are your goals.”


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These were my favorite Workout Thursday quotes.

Yes, they are words, but not only. They will be fuel for your fitness journey.

Let them remind you that every day is an opportunity to improve, to fight harder, and to be better.


Even More Thursday Gym Quotes

Thursdays come with their own set of challenges. They often carry the weight of the week’s fatigue.

However, it’s also a day filled with opportunity. The perfect chance to renew your commitment to your fitness goals, and push through with even more strength.

I have selected these quotes to boost your spirit & drive you to keep moving forward.


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Get all the Thursday gym quotes:

  1. “Harness the energy of Thursday to fuel your fitness dreams into reality.”
  2. “Every Thursday is a new opportunity to grow stronger, inside and out.”
  3. “Thursday: the day where my muscles feel like they’ve been hit by a truck, but my heart feels like it’s on top of the world.”
  4. “I work out on Thursdays because I’m too lazy to do it on Mondays.”
  5. “Thursdays are for turning up.”
  6. “Let this Thursday be your chance to repair, rebuild, and renew your commitment to your goals.”
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    Thursdays are proof that your efforts are paying off. Keep pushing, no matter what.

  8. “Don’t just survive Thursday. Thrive, excel, and surpass your own expectations.”
  9. “On Thursday, train with the passion of a beginner and the focus of a pro.”
  10. “Make this Thursday the day you said ‘yes’ to one more rep, one more mile, one more effort.”
  11. “Thursday: Reflect on your progress, then strive to make tomorrow’s reflection even brighter.”
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    Thursday: when I realize that the weekend is only one day away, and I’m still sore from Monday’s workout.

  13. “Let Thursday be the day you dare to do more than you thought you could.”
  14. “On this Thursday, challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday.”
  15. “Thursdays are for dreams that demand to be chased with relentless enthusiasm.”
  16. “Today, on Thursday, remember that the best view comes after the hardest climb.”
  17. “Let the challenges of Thursday inspire you to conquer even greater heights.”
  18. “Thursday’s workout is a step closer to your goal. Take it with pride and purpose.”
  19. “Embrace Thursday’s opportunities to become the strongest version of yourself.”
  20. “Thursday is the bridge between your past excuses and a fit, strong future.”
  21. “Think of your Thursday workouts as important meetings you schedule with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.”
  22. “I only work out on Thursdays so I can impress my crush on Fridays.”
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    Push through the Thursday workouts, and the weekends will feel like a breeze.

  24. “Don’t find time for your Thursday workout. Make time for it.”
  25. “Thursday mornings are for coffee and cardio.”
  26. “I work out on Thursdays so I can eat tacos on Fridays without feeling guilty.”
  27. “Thursday: the day where I pretend that I’m not exhausted from the rest of the week.”


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So there you have them all, the 37 Thursday workout motivational quotes!

I hope you found inspiration in these quotes, and that you enjoyed reading them all.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

My personal favorite is #22 “Thursday: when I realize that the weekend is only one day away, and I’m still sore from Monday’s workout.” – that’s exactly me! If you want the truth, I don’t workout on Thursdays because I’m too beat up from the first workouts of the week. But my husband keeps pushing and always keeps going with a soccer session; I’m sharing his motivation with you!

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