104 White Rose Captions for Instagram (specific for white roses!)

Tired of generic quotes about roses?

Looking specifically for quotes about white roses?

Well don’t you go anywhere, because this post has more than 100 white rose captions for Instagram!


The Best White Rose Quotes for Instagram

When I think about white roses, the first thing that comes to mind is purity.

Then come rushing thoughts of youth and innocence.

But for me they will always be associated to young love, as they were the key decoration element in my own wedding!

All of the quotes below will be around these major themes, represented by the white rose.


white rose quotes love symbol with wedding bouquet


These are my favorite quotes about white roses:

  1. “The white rose, a fragrant messenger that conveys purity’s sentiments through time.”
  2. “In the tapestry of sentiments, the white rose stands as a thread woven with purity.”
  3. quotation mark icon

    She wore a white rose in her hair, as if she were a bride for all those who looked at her and loved her and created her in their minds.

    — Tim O'Brien
  4. “A white rose, a brushstroke of serenity on life’s canvas.”




  1. “White roses are for love dead or forsaken, but the red roses, ah the red roses are for love triumphant.” Byron Caldwell Smith
  2. “A white rose can only be a white rose; it can’t be red or yellow. White roses represent purity, cleanliness, and innocence.” Tionne Watkins
  3. “The white rose’s thorns, a reminder that purity is often guarded by strength.”
  4. “Like a starlit gem, the white rose epitomizes the purity of emotions.”




  1. “I send thee a white rose, to show my innocence.” Francis Beaumont
  2. “With every snow-white petal, the white rose tells the story of a heart untouched.”


the best white rose captions for instagram


It was hard to pick only 10 favorites out of this huge list, but I think I managed just fine.

Keep scrolling to find the rest of these white rose flower quotes, and let me know which one you would have picked as top 10!


List of Short Caption for White Rose

Let’s keep up the pace with some more white rose quotes.

But this time, I promise I’ll keep it short. No more long sentences, only top of the top 1 liner to go straight to the point.

Hey, they’re so short that you can even take multiple and stick them together, they’ll still fit just right along your white rose photos.


white rose in hands in the dark


Here are some great short caption for white rose:

  1. “Unveiling the beauty of white.”
  2. “Whispers of purity: white rose petals.”
  3. “Timeless allure.”
  4. “Embracing simplicity.”
  5. “A white rose, a mirror of purity.”
  6. “Serenity in white.”
  7. “Amidst life’s journey, white roses bloom.”
  8. quotation mark icon

    Captivating in white.

  9. “A white rose, a canvas of purity.”
  10. “A symbol of grace.”
  11. “White roses: fragile strength.”
  12. “The essence of purity.”
  13. “Amidst the storm, white roses shine.”




  1. “Beauty in its simplest form.”
  2. Petals like verses: white roses.”
  3. “White roses: innocence untouched.”
  4. “Purity’s canvas: white rose petals.”


bouquet of white rose flower quotes


  1. “A white rose, a silent symphony.”
  2. “Pure elegance in white.”
  3. “Innocence dwells in white roses.”
  4. “Embrace simplicity: white rose’s lesson.”
  5. “Radiant in white.”
  6. “A white rose, nature’s masterpiece.”
  7. “Whisper of purity.”
  8. quotation mark icon

    A white rose, the embodiment of purity.

  9. “A white rose, a delicate expression of purity.”




  1. “Delicate and divine.”
  2. “Serenity in bloom.”
  3. “White roses flourish, untouched by time.”
  4. “Crisp and pristine.”
  5. “Petals like promises: white roses.”
  6. “White roses whisper dreams of innocence.”




  1. “Embodying peace and tranquility.”
  2. “Pure beauty.”
  3. “Graceful and enchanting.”
  4. “Unspoiled dreams: white rose petals.”
  5. “White roses, soft echoes of innocence.”
  6. “Effortless beauty in white.”


man offers white roses to woman


So there you have it, a long list of short white rose quotes for Instagram or any other social media!


Funny Quotes About White Roses

Mystery of the short quote is not so much your style?

Well maybe you’re more on the funny side, or in the mood for a funny caption to go with white roses?

Keep it fresh with this selection of funny white rose quotes: love them or hate them, they’ll get a smile out of you!


funny white rose quotes with girl laughing


Here are 30 funny quotes about white roses:

  1. “White roses: the classiest way to say, Hey, I’m here to slay.”
  2. “My white roses are so fabulous, even the garden gnomes are envious.”
  3. “If white roses could talk, they’d say, Flower power, baby!”
  4. “White roses are like a cup of tea for the soul—both are essential.”




  1. “White roses: nature’s way of saying ‘I’m fabulous.'”
  2. “Floral fashionista: rocking white roses with style and elegance.”
  3. “When life hands you white roses, make a bouquet and pretend you’re a gardener.”


Read more: Full List of Funny Rose Quotes


  1. “White roses: because why settle for anything less than flower perfection?”
  2. “Who needs a knight in shining armor when you’ve got white roses in full bloom?”
  3. “White roses: the secret ingredient to a blooming good day.”




  1. “Flower power? More like white rose power!”
  2. “Channeling my inner gardener, one white rose at a time.”
  3. quotation mark icon

    Roses are red, violets are blue, white roses are awesome, and so are you!

  4. “Roses may be red, but these ones are clearly the fairest of them all.”
  5. “My white roses are so bright, even the sun wears shades.”
  6. “Roses are red, violets are blue, but my white rose is shining, and it’s stealing the view.”
  7. “I like my white roses like I like my weekends: in full bloom.”




  1. “Planting white roses because ‘rosé all day’ just wasn’t punny enough.”
  2. “Got white roses? My garden is like a black-tie event every day.”
  3. “Dear white roses, you make my heart bloom with joy (and a little pollen).”
  4. quotation mark icon

    White roses: my natural way of saying I’m too cool to follow the red trend.

  5. “My white roses are living proof that elegance comes in petals.”
  6. “White roses: the flower equivalent of a crisp white shirt.”
  7. “My white roses are proof that even flowers want to dress in all white.”
  8. “Planting white roses because they match my winter wardrobe.”
  9. “I’m not just a white rose enthusiast, I’m a white rose aficionado.”
  10. “White roses: the chic accessory for any selfie.”
  11. “My white rose game is strong, just like my caffeine addiction.”
  12. “Roses are red, violets are blue, but white roses? They’re just meant for you.”
  13. “White roses: because I believe in flowers that match my aura.”


close up of a beautiful white rose


I hope at least one of them got a smile out of you...

And yes, you’re free to share it with everyone.


More White Rose Flower Quotes

And finally, we get to the last part of this white rose quotes compilation.

Oh but don’t think it’s over just yet, because I still have no less than 26 quotes still waiting for you below!


black and white photo with girl and white rose caption for white rose


Find below even more quotes on white roses:

  1. “The white rose’s thorns, a reminder that purity is both delicate and resilient.”
  2. “The white rose’s beauty is a reflection of the purity that dwells in the heart.”




  1. “In a garden of emotions, the white rose blossoms as a symbol of pristine affection.”
  2. “Nature’s marvel, the white rose, paints the canvas of affection with its gentle strokes.”
  3. “The white rose’s fragrance, a whisper of tranquility that lingers in the air.”
  4. quotation mark icon

    As the white rose unfolds, so does the soul, revealing its innate serenity.

  5. “In the garden of sentiments, the white rose stands tall as the embodiment of innocence.”
  6. “The white rose’s petals hold the whispers of purity’s promises and dreams.”
  7. “Like a drop of serenity, the dew on a white rose’s petals sparkles in the morning light.”
  8. “The white rose’s fragrance, a gentle reminder of purity’s lingering presence.”
  9. “In the language of blossoms, the white rose whispers tales of serenity.”




  1. “A white rose, a fragrant whisper of innocence that lingers in the air.”
  2. “In the realm of emotions, the white rose is a masterpiece painted with purity’s shades.”
  3. “The white rose’s beauty is a reflection of the innocence that blossoms within.”
  4. “The white rose, a symbol of virtue, invites the spirit to find solace.”




  1. “The white rose, a timeless messenger, carries purity’s letters from heart to heart.”
  2. “A white rose, a fragrance that evokes the essence of pure emotions.”
  3. quotation mark icon

    In a world of colors, the white rose stands as a beacon of purity’s unwavering light.

  4. “The white rose’s beauty is a reflection of the purity that blooms within the soul.”
  5. “A white rose, a token that speaks of innocence’s depth and sincerity.”
  6. “A white rose, a testament to the gentleness that resides in the heart.”




  1. “In a world of hues, the white rose is a beacon of purity’s unwavering constancy.”
  2. “The white rose’s thorns remind us that purity is often guarded by strength.”
  3. “The white rose, a delicate messenger that carries the whispers of innocence.”
  4. “Like drops of moonlight, the dew on a white rose’s petals glisten in the dawn.”
  5. “A white rose, like purity itself, is delicate yet enduring, fragile yet resilient.”


girl with single white rose quotes for instagram


And so there you have them all, the 104 white rose captions for Instagram!

I hope you liked these white rose quotes, and that you enjoyed reading them all.

By the way, what was your favorite quote of them all? Let me know in the comments below and tell me why you loved it!

If I had to choose just one, my fave is #36 “A white rose, a delicate expression of purity.” – such a fitting representation of what comes to my mind when I see a white rose.

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